Are Getting Married

24th July 2021


Our romantic story began when we were 14 years old and Tom bravely asked Annabel to be his girlfriend via MSN messenger (we know, but it was the early 2000s), to be rejected.

Who'd have thought that years later, the friendship would be rekindled from multiple TGI Fridays visits and providing support through Tom's uni days that then developed into an unbreakable bond.

Since then, they've travelled together, moved in together and are now committing their lives to each other.

To the future!



There is on-site accommodation available for the night of the wedding, ranging from £135 - £189.

If you are interested in booking a room for the night of the wedding, then please let us know by clicking 'Register for an Oldwalls Stay' and we will do our best to include you.

There is plenty of other accommodation available in the area so have a look on our Alternate Accommodation page for options.



Your presence and sharing our special day with us is all we ask from you and many of you will be travelling a significant distance or staying overnight to do so.

We ask you not to buy us any gifts as we already have everything we need for our home.

Please don't feel obliged to give us anything but if you'd like to give something, we'd be grateful for a cash gift to put towards our honeymoon.

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